About Vera School

Vera School was founded in 1970. It is the oldest of only five Autism Specific Government schools in South Africa, making specific provision for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The school is situated on a 1,5 hectare plot of land in the residential suburb of Rondebosch East. It was the first school in the world custom built for learners on the Autism Spectrum. The school has roughly 145 learners and 60 staff members. A hostel for 35 learners is situated on the same premises. The school is a public school functioning under the auspices of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Vera is regarded as a specialist resource centre in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Teachers in mainstream, as well as other professionals, consult us for information, support and guidance. Regular workshops are offered by the Vera staff for teachers in ordinary schools who have learners with milder forms of Autism in their classes. These sessions take place either at Vera or off campus.

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